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Philosophy and Terroir

Terra delle Gravine quest of authenticity

Since we began, our goal has been to convey in the glass the essence and authenticity of our wonderful and unexplored territory, the “Terra delle Gravine”.

We are located in Bassa Murgia, between Mottola and Gioia del Colle, on a gentle hill about 300 meters above sea level. Here the clayey-loamy and loamy-loam soils are characterized by the constant presence of limestone rock.

The climate – mitigated by the proximity of the vineyards to the Ionian Sea – offers ideal temperatures for the right growth of the vine. The significant temperature changes between day and night and the sea breeze favors the correct development of the aromas and the correct accumulation of polyphenols in the berry.

These pedo-climatic characteristics make “Terra delle Gravine” a unique territory, which gives specifics characteristics to the wines produced there: elegance, freshness and sapidity.


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